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Daily Tune On – Bjork, “Wanderlust,” the VMA’s and Iceland

With Iceland setting the tone for the beginning of this week, how could I write a “Daily Tune On” and not write about Bjork?  The answer, I couldn’t.  Having come from Iceland’s punk rock scene and risen to fame as one of their most original and notable singer/songwriter/actress’, Bjork actually began her career at the age of 12 when she recorded her first album of mostly cover tunes.  Born to a father who was a well-known union leader in Iceland and a mother who was politically active, I would believe from a very young age she was taught personal expression was a good thing, and to speak up and be heard, which of course she has.  It’s reported that over her career she’s sold approximately 15 million records.

She is known for her work with the punk band “KUKL” with whom she toured Europe, her work as the lead singer of the band the “Sugarcubes,” whom she helped to bring to “cult” status in both the US and UK, and later as a solo artist, singer/songwriter, and accomplished actress.  Bjork has been nominated for 13 Grammy’s, several Golden Globes, and even an Academy Award for her starring role in the 2000 movie, “Dancer In The Dark” where she was also named “Best Actress” by the Cannes jurors and won critical acclaim for her album, “Selmasongs, her score for the same film.

Her pop music sound is described as a collection of genres put together and assembled in Bjork’s own unique fashion. There isn’t a lot of gray in her music.   What I mean is that I think one either likes her music or they don’t.  I haven’t listened a lot to Bjork, but I believe I’ve fallen into the category of someone who likes her music when I have.  No one can say she’s not original, and that takes courage.  Besides she’s got a great soprano voice, and you can count on a lot of artistic and personal expression in all her recordings.

Yesterday, October 20th, Bjork released her new single “Nattura” through her own label “One Little Indian.”  The single will initially only be available on iTunes, but will be released digitally everywhere on October 27th.  The song is in support of the Nattura Campaign helping Iceland provide sustainable and eco-friendly options for their country and to come up with ways to help Iceland best use their natural resources.  All proceeds from the track are being donated to www.nattura.info   Thom Yorke from “Radiohead,” is featured on backing vocals.

And just this past week Bjork’s music video to her song “Wanderlust,” won “Best Art Direction,” “Best Indie/Alternative Video,” and the top honor of “Video of the Year” in the UK’s 2008 Music Video Awards show.  Below is a link to the video and song.   To access it, either click on the link below or cut and paste it into your browser.


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