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Daily Tune On – Tim Buckley “Buzzin Fly”

Tim Buckley’s “Buzzin Fly”. One of my all time favorite songs and definitely in this song you will hear one of my all time favorite voices! Something about Tim Buckley’s voice is ethereal or other worldly to me. He used his voice like an instrument and the timbre of the sound he let out when singing sent chills down my spine and connected me to some place deep and spiritual. He was definitely an original that due to his untimely death at the age of 28 many people missed. In recent years he has been best known as the father of singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley.

Originally released in 1969 on his album entitled “Happy Sad” for Electra. This body of work represented the beginning of Buckley’s experimentation of mixing elements of jazz into his material and songs.

To hear “Buzzin Fly” and to learn more about Tim Buckley, simply click on the address below, or if necessary cut and paste the address into your web browser.  At the top of the page on the left you will see Tim Buckley / Tracks.  Click on tracks and go to #17 and hit play.


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