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My Cats Tail – Yoshi in Circles

Yoshie in Circles

My Cats Tail – Hungry Pekoe

I’m wonderin when you’re going to feed me?

Hungry Pekoe!

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My Cats Tail – “Lint” Celebrating the Holiday With Her Friend

Celebrating the Holidaze!

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My Cats Tail – Demanding Pekoe

I’m full of love and mischief too.  A perfect kitten!

A perfect kitten!

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My Cats Tail – Suki Yawn

All that food makes me tired too!

All that food makes me tired too!

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My Cats Tail – Country Cats and Dogs Lying in the Sun

Who says we don’t get along!

Who says we can’t get along!

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My Cats Tail – CatBox Kitty

There’s nothing like your own bed.  Mine is an old cat carrier turned upside down.  It’s my favorite spot!

It\'s my favorite spot!

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My Cats Tail – Kitchen Country Kitten

“My names August.  Can you guess when I was born?”

Kitchen Country Kitten

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Downtown Veterinary Clinic, Rescue Animals & Dr. Janet Ficarra

Calling all cats and dogsDr. Ficarra and \

Veterinary Clinic Doctor and Staff

I want to put in a plug for my neighborhood veterinarian, Janet Ficarra, at Downtown Veterinary Clinic.  More and more it is becoming less frequent to have a neighborhood anything independent.  Everyone and everything seem to be merging.  In some cases it’s not bad, but at the same time I like having someone close by that I can establish a relationship with and whom over years I can learn to trust and entrust in that person the well being of my little furry loved ones.  I’m happy to say I’ve been fortunate to do that in Dr. Ficarra and her clinic where she serves as its sole veterinarian.

Between myself and several of my friends who go to her as well, I know at times she has been confronted with some perplexing cases.  What I like about Dr. Ficarra, or one of the things I like about Dr. Ficarra is that she is inquisitive and if she doesn’t know something, she’ll ask around and read until she does, or she’ll find you the best specialist to consult with about your animal.  Either way I always feel my animal is being well looked after.  She also doesn’t sugar coat things, if she thinks it’s time for your animal to go to animal heaven, she’ll tell you.  Obviously it is your decision but she’ll let you know when she feels she has used up all reasonable options in the care of your pet.  Always tough to let go, her truthfulness for me in the past has proven to be a comfort.

When talking to Dr. Ficarra recently, I asked her as a vet, “what is one of your biggest frustrations?”  She didn’t blink but immediately started talking about rescue dogs and cats.  Loving animals as she does, and having rehabbed more then a few, she went on to talk to me about the overcrowding of the shelters and animals being put down.  She wanted to plea with pet owners who have to give up their animals, to please put up a post and to deal with it one on one.  “Take responsibility to find your pet a good home.  Don’t rely on the shelters.  They just don’t have the room.”  As a vet she feels it’s important for those who can, to adopt pets.  “With the economy in the state it is in, many people are giving up their pets and the shelters can’t handle that many animals so they are being put down.  I want people to really think about adopting an animal or at least consider fostering a dog or cat.” She continued by saying, “anyone who hasn’t had a cat for a long time or any pet, will feel how nice it is to relate to someone directly, some little one who relates without a cell phone, without a computer, and who’s reliably in the moment.  The reward is tremendous!”  If nothing more what she would like is for people to rally and be proactive. Adopt, foster, and most importantly if you love animals, step up and do something.

What I would like from this post is to emphasize the importance of supporting your smaller neighborhood vet before we’re left without a choice, in my case that’s Dr. Janet Ficarra and Downtown Veterinary.  I know for me Dr. Ficarra has not only taken good care of all my pets since coming to NYC, but she has also been an invaluable resource.  And if you live in Chelsea, the West Village, or the Flat Iron District, I highly recommend her services.  Located on 9th Avenue and 19th St. she is somewhat centrally located to all.  And for those animals and people who need the service, the good Doctor Ficarra will also make house calls.

Downtown Veterinary
148 Ninth Avenue
New York, NY  10011
(212) 463-8705

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My Cats Tail – A Window Built For Two

“Isn’t life grand?”

Window Built for Two