Welcome To The New Cracks In Sidewalks!

We’ve had a major facelift. There is a brand new Gallery for your enjoyment along with an extensive collection of Photo Art Cards. This is my homage to cracks in sidewalks everywhere.

The old “Cracks In Sidewalks,” blog has been archived and is accessible via categories, months and years. Back then, I posted photos of cracks in sidewalks, and used this theme as a metaphor. I wrote about the co-star rather than star, little gems, beauty found in unexpected places; and I applied it to music, art, film, travel, etc. I have left it for you, to be sifted through like an old buried treasure chest.

Every photo on this site is special to me. The “Featured Photo,” I chose this month is titled “Torso.” You will find an Art Card of this photo in the store. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the beauty I’ve found in very unexpected places, cracks in sidewalks.

Best regards,

Audrey Berger Welz

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