Sidewalk Faves – Lucinda Williams

“I think about you and that long ride, bite my nails and get weak inside.”  How can one not love Lucinda?  But I have to say it was hard to pick just one song to start leading us down that long and winding Lucinda Williams road.

I’ve been a big fan of Lucinda’s for a number of years, albums before her most well known, “Car Wheels.”  And yes I refer to her as Lucinda, not Lucinda Williams, because by now we should be on a first name basis.

I’ve listened to her lament; sing about love and loss, read the lyrics to her stories, and seen her in concert many times over.  I have visited Lake Charles, Greenville, and Nacodoches; felt her every word and moved to every chord.  I’ve dreamed of being Lucinda, and also been happy I’m not her.  Sometimes she’s seemed too sad!  But I’ve always wished I had her talent and her guts.   Her talent, because it is evident in her writing and the way she expresses it; her guts, because she says it like it is to her.  She’s not afraid to share her raw emotion.  You can hear it in her lyrics and the sound of her moans as she sings.

Lucinda Williams is both great and depressing, but sometimes it is just what I need, to hear someone suffering in love more than me.  Other times she is so damn sexy that I strut around my apartment as if I were singing to 20,000 people and they all thought I was the sexiest bitch on the planet.  She’s sorrowful, sexy, lyrical and sensitive all in one, and the woman rocks!

“Right In Time” is just one of many Lucinda songs I love, and I hope my Daily Tune On choice today is “Right In Time” with you.

To view Lucinda Williams singing “Right In Time” either click on the link below, or cut and paste it into your browser.

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