Sidewalk Faves – 3M Post It’s – My Daily Crack

So I have to admit it I should be in a sticky note 12 Step program.  I am confessing to you that I am a sticky note addict!  Yes computers are great, contact management programs are helpful and necessary, calendars are good too, but I could not live without my yellow sticky notes.  My sticky note of preference is the 3M yellow 2 7/8”X2 7/8” square “Post-It’s.”  My world revolves around them.  They are almost as important to me as food and water and have been for a number of years.

I organize my life with these beautiful yellow creatures and I have friends, relatives, coworkers past and present who will testify to that effect.  I always have to have a pad close by.  I’d be lost without them!  Anything important that I need to remember, appointments, to do’s, sometimes as simple as “wash hair,” “clean litter box,” or “do laundry”, it all gets written down.  At work it used to be “call so and so,” “contract musicians for session,” “call back the drummer and see if he’s solid,” “get string player referrals.”  Yes most of this was in my computer on ACT, but if it was really important it was also on a sticky attached to the side of my computer.

At home they are organized by the day in my kitchen.  I write something down so I won’t forget it, then put it in the pile under the day it needs to get done.  Every morning I look under that days sticky notes and I feel that much better.  I have back up.  My sticky notes act like my own personal assistant reminding me of what “really” needs to be accomplished that particular day.  I have managed multi million dollar projects this way without dropping the ball.  It’s quite humorous to my friends and co-workers, but it works for me.  Did you ever see Lily Tomlin’s “in Search of Intelligent Life?”  There’s a scene with sticky notes and the woman is so obsessed with them that she has them posted all up and down her arms, well that’s me only I have them posted in my kitchen, on my computer, and on rare occasion on my desk chair so I remember to do something or call someone the second I return.

Today I have confessed.  I have come clean with you about one of my little somethings that grows between the cracks.  I endorse the use and utility of 3M yellow 2 7/8” X 2 7/8” Post-It’s.  My life would be a mess without them and I don’t plan on giving them up anytime soon.  This product can be found in most drug stores, stationary stores, grocery stores, and office supply stores.  And I swear to you 3M did not pay me to write this, although I would be an amazing spokeswomen for them if somehow by some chance, they read this post.

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