More Cracks In Sidewalks Coming Soon

I need to apologize for not writing.  You are on my mind daily, but the twists and turns of life have gotten in the way these past several weeks.  Below are the few events and subjects I hope to share with you soon besides a new “My Cats Tail” photo and some new “Daily Cracks In Sidewalks” photo’s.

I went to a fabulous screening of “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.”  After the screening Spike Jonz interviewed David Fincher the director.  The movie is great and I highly recommend it!

I also went to the Neil Young, Wilco, Everest concert at Madison Square Garden this past week.  It was really special and a great show.  It started at 8pm and Neil didn’t get off the stage until 12:30am.

Tonight is the “Bev Leslies” at The Bubble Lounge in TriBeCa in NYC.  The band comprises some of the best studio musicians in the city including singer Elaine Caswell (has played with about everyone), singer keyboard player Bette Sussman (Bette Midler’s arranger), Shawn Pelton (drummer for SNL), and a host of other great players.  So expect some reports soon.

In the meantime I hope you are all well and I wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!

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