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Elizabeth Perkins

Having just caught up with the 3rd season of “Weeds” and having watched the premiere of the 4th season on June 16th, and several subsequent episodes since, I found myself wanting to write about Elizabeth Perkins as she has been someone we all knew, but also someone up until “Weeds” we had mostly forgotten. We weren’t quite sure where she was, what she’d been up to, or what she had worked on last. Still a familiar name and face, she had become lost to me, and I’m certain to many others.

But I love her character on “Weeds” playing a supporting role as Celia Hodes, the self-righteous, tight-lipped, uptight, self-absorbed, often slutty, browbeating mother. Nothing seems to turn out as Celia had planned, and no one can really live up to her ideals, not even herself. She is the woman who wants to be loved most of all, yet the woman everyone finds so easy to hate.

For her part in this series, Elizabeth Perkins has been nominated for a number of awards, and rightfully so. The “dramedy” of her life continues to play out each episode amid the backdrop of her soon to be ex-husband if only he hadn’t had an accident and she didn’t have to care for him; her overweight possible lesbian pubescent daughter; her scumball con artist cross toting lover who has started sexual relations with her neighbor Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise Parker, the shows star), whom she both envies and despises; and of course the town council of her beloved Agrestic/Majestic, of which she has been a member, but is constantly being voted against usually leaving her the sole supporter of her own side or cause.

Yet somehow Celia faces all this with determination, spite, humor, a sense of her own justice, and of course revenge with twists and turns keeping viewers tuned in each season and week to see what will come next.

“Weeds” with Elizabeth Perkins as its supporting actress has just started its 4th season on Showtime, airing Monday nights at 10 pm.

Something you might not have known about Elizabeth Perkins? Of Greek heritage, her grandparents immigrated to this country anglicizing their name upon their arrival from “Pisperikos” to “Perkins”.

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